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Read through carefully – below are the rules, terms and conditions that you need to know before commencing the Century Batteries Reel Legends Fishing Competition. Looking forward to seeing you out there!


  • Official competition tickets must be worn around the competitor’s neck in full view during the competition /prize giving hours.
  • Random tickets checks will be undertaken by our competition marshals and photo ID must be produced on request.
  • You must wear your Century Batteries Reel Legends T-shirt, cap and ticket during all prize giving.
  • No T-shirt, cap and ticket – No prize, No Exceptions!

NOTE: Tickets are not open to any official staff member of Reel Legends Promotions Limited or affiliates of the competition and also not open to any fishing charter operators (from the competition area).


  • Hours of fishing start 6am Friday 17th February 2023 and ends 4pm Saturday 18th February 2023.
  • All registered competitors may proceed to their favourite fishing spots or the beach or in a boat after the official registration and briefing on Thursday 16th February 2023 at 7pm.
  • No registered anglers are permitted to begin fishing until the official start time on Friday 17th February 2023 at 6am. Anyone found to have commenced fishing before these times shall be deemed disqualified.


  • Fish entered in this competition must be caught in the permitted marked fishing areas on the map provided in the official entry pack.
  • All anglers may only fish with rod and reel with no more than 3 hook per rod.
  • Fish handling – Please ensure you keep your fish in prime condition, measure and return to the water quickly, with care.
  • A photo upload limit of 1 fish, per species – Snapper, Trevally, Kahawai John Dory and Kingfish per day, per person.

Measure and Release

  • Competition fish must meet minimum recreation catch length per species as approved by NZ Government.
  • Photograph of the fish on the official measure mat with head board must be uploaded in the app/website.
  • If the photograph does not show the full length of the fish, an uncreased measure mat and clear measurement the entry will be disqualified.
  • Standard measure rules apply from nose to v of the tail.
  • Release the fish back into the water using the methods provided in your competition pack.
  • Photos can only be entered once. All winning entries will be reviewed and any eligibility decision made by the tournament holder will be final.


  • To ensure they only take the vessel out in conditions that are appropriate to both the type of vessel and your own skill level.
  • To ensure that the correct size and number of life jackets for all passengers on board.
  • To ensure they attend the Event Briefing on Thursday 16th Feb 2023.
  • Will adhere to the Marina speed limit – The speed limit is 3 knots, no wake. Speeding and passing will not be tolerated.
  • Whether you are fishing from beach, boat or kayak, eligible fish must be caught on a rod and reel or a handline with no more than three hooks attached. Fish cannot be caught in a net, longline or speared.
  • To ensure you always keep yourself and team mates safe


In the event of an emergency on the water, participants are to notify the Coastguard.

Coastguard VHF channels:

  • Mangawhai Harbour – Coastguard VHF channel 05
  • Whangārei Harbour and Bream Bay – Coastguard VHF channel 05
  • Whangaruru, Whananaki and Tutukaka – Coastguard VHF channel 62
    Maritime Radio VHF stations
  • Whangarei Maritime Radio – VHF CH: 16, 67

Always wear your lifejackets while out on the water.


A secondary event date is currently being confirmed if under in any circumstance the event is unable to take place on the planned dates.


We’re committed to the Covid-19 Event Sector Voluntary Code.

This means that we:

  • Are required to follow all Government Guidelines for an event this size
  • Require My Vaccine Passports at the event
  • Are enabling contract tracing
  • Will have good hygiene practices in place
  • Encourage a culture of best practice around COVID-19


Emergency First Aid and services will be available at the Event. Details will be made available to all contestants at the Event Briefing.


In the event of bad weather, the Event organisers reserve the right to make one or more of the following decisions:

  • Postpone the start on any day
  • Cancel fishing on any day if deemed unsafe
  • Restrict the fishing area on any day


Refunds must be requested in writing to [email protected] before 1st December 2022.

All refunds prior to this date will be subject to a 30% cancellation fee.

There will be no refunds on entries after the 1st December 2022. This is due to commitments with hireage, prize purchasing, catering requirements etc.

Refunds are usually completed within 10 working days of the request being made and will be returned to the card in which the entry payment was made.

All tickets have serial numbers and cannot be exchanged or transferred, should you lose one they cannot be replaced… keep them safe.


You must always follow the instructions of the Event Crew. The Event Organisers reserve the right to cancel a competition ticket to any persons whose conduct in their opinion is contrary to the spirit in which the fishing contest is run. The decision of the Event Organisers in this matter is final.


Any judgements that need to be made in relation to the event will be done so by the Event Organisers and their decisions are final.


Land and water side petrol and diesel pumps are available at Marsden Cove Marina. EFTPOS only.


This competition is a smoke free event. This includes the registration, prizegiving functions and within the fenced areas of the competition.


We are committed to a Zero Waste Event. Marsden Metals are kindly providing collection bins to the event site for all waste and recycling. Please use the bins correctly and recycle responsibly.


No liability is accepted by the organisers for the damage to any vehicle or property or loss of property or personal injury or damage of whatever nature or kind to any person however caused.


Reel Legends Promotions Limited aims to protect your online privacy. Users can access anything on our site anonymously, however you will be asked to provide personal information when entering an event or participating in contests, surveys or providing feedback. Use of the Reel Legends Fishing Competition site signifies your understanding and acceptance of the terms of this privacy policy. Please review the competition rules, measure & release details, and additional information regarding disclaimers, liability and other important information.

Our respect for your right to privacy of any personal information is paramount. We have put in place policies and procedures to ensure that all personal information, no matter how or where it is obtained, is handled sensitively and securely.

Privacy law requires us to notify you that we are collecting your personal information where it is reasonable and practical for us to do so. So that we can provide services to you, we may ask for personal details such as your name or e-mail address through this website.

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